Enterprise Document Management


Datamatics provides Document Management Services through its collaborative solutions and services that automate most of the backend processes for banking and insurance (life, general and health) companies, including Account Opening, Mortgage Loans, Account Maintenance, KYC Compliance, Claims Management, Case Preparation for Underwriting, Medical Health Data Extraction & Analysis, to name a few  This automation results in increased efficiency and improved speed, thereby enhancing customer experience.

Banking & Financial Services

Automated Account Opening: Through a data extraction solution supported by workflows, resulting in approx. 50% improvement in speed.

Mortgage and Loans: Datamatics’ comprehensive platform supports all phases of loan origination including Sourcing, Underwriting and Closing. This is an end-to-end service offering right from sourcing to disbursement management.

Post Sanction Disbursement: Including activities such as loan delivery to final non-discrepancy checks, etc.

Trade Finance: Includes all import and export document processing services along with real time status updates.

Mobile based Onboarding & KYC verification: End-to-end solution from security authorization to workflow based processing and approvals. The solution provides progressive benefits like wide geographical reach, instant opening of accounts with verified KYC data ingestion through regulatory sites, etc.

Preliminary preparation of Credit Appraisal Memo: Provides tele-verification for address and other regulatory and compliance related reference checks as per the client specified formats for credit approvals.

Automated Credit Card Forms: Datamatics’ unique data scanning and digitization solution with customized workflows can be configured based on individual customer requirements and can facilitate online exception management, resulting in higher accuracy, faster turnaround time and improved productivity

Account Maintenance Services: Datamatics’ solutions assimilates information from the Customer Relationship Management tools like Talisma, iLeverage for input receipts and then downloads images into the workflow management system for seamless account maintenance. It also, simplifies exception management by allowing access through workflow systems for quick resolution of customer queries. The request are categorized into 5-6 sub categories. This is an end-to-end service offering right from sourcing to fulfillment of the request.

Insurance Services

Health & Death Claims Management: Datamatics’ automated claims management solution delivers seamless claims processing with minimal manual intervention.

Case preparation for Underwriting: Through its hybrid platform, the solution can incorporate client CRMs and verify KYC documents and data extraction of lab reports, and collates/summarizes the report through a rule based engine.

New Business Servicing: Datamatics offers technology support at various stages of the new business servicing cycle which reduces the overall turnaround around time and improves accuracy.

Policy Owner Servicing: Includes data verification & validation through bureau sites, manage maintenance and administration services at the Client Level, Policy Level, Renewals / Reinstatements, etc. 

Mis-selling / Grievance Handling: Datamatics’ solution creates customer profiles within the system for grievance resolution, based on the nature of the complaint and verifies each case by categorizing relevant data from varied internal systems for faster resolution and response to the customer.

Automated Medical Data Capture: Automates all medical reports, pathological reports in conjunction with range values and prepares a complete case summary; resulting in faster decision making.

Why Datamatics?

  • Processing more than 4 million new accounts per year
  • Processing more than 2 million loans per year
  • Accuracy of 99.5% at DPU (Defects Per Unit) level
  • 1.5 million cards processed per year
  • 200, 000 claims processed per year with 98% accuracy
  • Processed more than 1.5 million policies a year with 99.5% quality at the DPU level
  • Reduced Turnaround time to almost 4 hours