Digital Testing


On an average, a company spends more than 60% of its time and resources on software testing. Reducing testing time without compromising on the quality of systems can have a significant impact on the business. Datamatics Robotic Test Automation solutions helps enterprises do just that.

Datamatics’ RTA solutions substantially improve quality of tested applications, shrink testing time by 60% to 80%, and reduce costs by 60%.


Datamatic's Advantages


  • Improved application quality due to use of real time data for testing
  • Advanced and efficient solutions such as auto build development due to the use of Business Intelligence derived systems and technology
  • Tool agnostic framework for cost effective, faster, and refined enterprise solutions
  • Infinitely scalable system with built-in modular security for secure and digitally viable enterprise system
  • Ease of operating in existing enterprise system with distributed architecture and fault tolerant solutions


What we Do?


  1. Robotic Test Automation (RTA)

Built on a tool-agnostic framework with techniques such as DevOps, Agile Testing, and Performance Testing, Datamatics’ RTA reduces testing time by ~80% and operational cost by ~60%.


RTA Value Addition:

  • Faster time-to market through maximum automation, open source tools usage, and cloud-based approach
  • Improved framework quality with an inherent Shift-Left approach
  • Highly ROI-driven due to use of open source technology and improvisation of existing IT investment through tool-agnostic framework


Smart and quick decision making due to usage of BI dashboards


2. Next Generation Testing : 

  • Agile Testing: Fulfills Quality Assurance (QA) requirements through end-to-end testing services, such as Agile testing, Behavior Driven Development testing, Exploratory testing, Non-Functional testing (Performance testing, Load testing) and Test Automation.
  • DevOps QA: Ensures rapid product development and deployment, by providing continuous delivery. Services include QA transformation (Integrated DevOps QA platform, Behavior-driven development, and Test-driven development), Dev QA solution, Dysfunctional QA, Unit testing, API testing, Service-virtualization testing, Test data virtualization, Continuous test automation & Continuous integration automation
  • Cloud Testing: Leverages the cloud infrastructure to ensure high quality service delivery, especially when handling large scale test cases with varied geographical distribution.
    These testing services offer a comprehensive range including Cloud Migration testing, Enterprise Systems testing with multiple cloud products, Functional and Performance testing of applications over cloud.
  • Big Data Testing: Offers Data Integration testing, Data Repository testing and Analytic Layer testing. Key testing aspects involved are Performance Testing and Functional Testing to ensure fast processing and data quality even while testing huge volumes of structured and unstructured data. It also involves checking various characteristics such as conformity, accuracy, duplication, consistency, validity, data completeness.


 3. Specialized Testing :

  • Test Advisory Services: Datamatics experts study the current testing suite at client site, understand the goal of testing through series of interviews, perform a  Gap Analysis and submit a detailed report with best way of achieving the desired testing competency. 
  • Performance Engineering: One step ahead of performance testing, Datamatics’ Architects improve the performance of the application through fine tuning of various aspects such as software, hardware, network, etc.
  • Test COE Building: Datamatics helps clients build their Testing COE for Functional, Automation, Performance, and Security Testing right from resource gathering through training.


 4. Core Testing:

With decades of experience gathered in key testing areas, the company also provides services in:

  • Functional Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Cross Browser Testing
  • Test Automation
  • Usability Testing