Data Management


Datamatics offers Data Management solutions with ‘Intelligence-First’ principle at the core and advocates true ‘Data Democracy’. The solutions facilitate easy storage, linkage, traceability, and retrieval of data across the data-lifecycle. They allow enterprise processes to access data in a secure environment.

Our solutions cover a broad spectrum, including Data Governance, Data Architecture & Design, Data Ingestion, Data Preparation, Data Storage & Indexing, and Data Consumption.

What we do?

  • Data Governance: Establish governance models on data ownership and stewardship to ensure single-source-of-truth. Frame best-in-class policies for collecting, storing, integrating, accessing, and analyzing data.
  • Data Architecture & Design: Support clients in implementing robust processes and procedures to collect data by defining proper fields and layers and storing it in a secure and accessible form for supporting business processes.
  • Data Ingestion: Integrate multi-structured data from different sources including enterprise systems, free text documents, portals & websites and social media.
  • Data Preparation: Focus on data unification and develop solutions for migrating, curating, integrating, and organizing data to make it ready for Data Mining and Pattern Analysis.
  • Data Storage & Indexing: Configure and define data flow for scalable Data Storages and Data Lakes. These are built on cost effective storage devices and underpinned by advanced metadata tags for seamless retrieval. 
  • Data Consumption: Support mining of historical and related data sets to derive high value business insights using different methods, including Data Visualization/Business Intelligence, Predictive Data Analytics/ Data Science and Text Analytics/ Pattern Mining/ Prescriptive Analytics.