The A-Z of Intelligent Data Capture And Why It Is More Than Just OCR

The A-Z of Intelligent Data Capture

Paper still forms a part of 25-30% of business operations in most enterprises, across all business domains. Where paper is involved, error and latency creep in. However, when it comes to business, you need to function at optimal speed and efficiency in order to deliver quality results.

Intelligent Data Capture enables ‘image enhancement’ and ‘data quality improvement’ leading to higher levels of accuracy of the captured data and minimizes manual intervention. It is more advanced as compared to regular OCR and helps enterprises in deploying ‘end-to-end automation’ even in document-driven enterprises. It thus helps to bring a paper-based work environment on the same level as its ‘born-digital counterpart’. It provides much more throughput and efficiency in processing unstructured data as compared to manual operations. It is the missing link in affecting total automation in an enterprise.