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Making WFH more effective during Covid-19 with Managed Cloud Desktop of AWS

Listen to this podcast by Datamatics & AWS where we explain how Virtual Desktops can help you to work-from-home more effectively.


The COVID-19 crisis has forced organisations to implement and expedite Work-from-home in order to protect business from this global pandemic.

Amazon WorkSpaces allow you to provision your virtual desktops without the hassle of managing on-premises Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, integrate your Microsoft Active Directory, use multi-factor authentication, and provide access to organisational resources.
Datamatics cloud services enable global enterprises adopt cloud through a seamless business transition. These solutions being delivered through IAAS, SAAS as well as PAAS modes endeavor to keep IT costs under control

Learn how virtual desktops by AWS can help you in your business continuity plan.
  • WFH Challenges faced by organisations
  • Benefits of DaaS & Cloud in long run 
  • Datamatics as an AWS partner for Cloud support