e-Invoice Reader Tool



As per the Goods and Services Tax (GST) law updates and the related government mandates, vendors and suppliers must fulfil the mandatory e-Invoicing standards and quote the statutory Quick Reference code or QR code and Invoice Reference Number or IRN on their invoices.

The supplier and vendors can use a free online utility called “bulk generation tool” on the government e-invoice portal. The users can use this utility to upload invoice data in text format to obtain the e-Invoice with QR code and IRN.

Datamatics e-Invoice reader tool helps suppliers and vendors to validate and verify the digitally encrypted QR code and IRN. The tool can be digitally integrated using APIs with the ERP systems and workflows for seamless execution. The tool helps vendors and suppliers to quickly implement and assimilate this GST related India specific process. The tool can be modified to read other QR codes and encrypted elements and automate Accounts Payables as well as Finance & Accounts processes in general.

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