Gartner’s Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2020: Hyperautomation

Technologies are evolving every year and is causing disruption across industries all over the world. The Robotics phenomenon which began as Robotic Process Automation and then moved to Intelligent Automation is now headed towards Hyperautomation.

"Gartner estimates that over 70% of commercial enterprises have dozens of hyperautomation initiatives underway"

This report Gives the reason for Hyperautomation being a Top 10 technology trend for 2020 and how it is more of a people-centric technology. The report also highlights upon Gartner's approach towards business -driven automation.

  • Learn why is Hyperautomation a Top 10 technology trend for 2020 and how it could be applied in your business.
  • Learn about Gartner's iterative business-driven automation approach.
  • Recommendations by Gartner for Hyperautomation



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