TruBot is a proprietary product for Robotic Process Automation. It is a team of virtual assistants that automate repetitive and rule-based processes without any manual intervention. When powered with Artificial Intelligence, it can recognize and replicate human actions, creating a smarter bot that can make informed decisions. TruBot is sector agnostic and can be deployed across Banking, Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing, and Logistics.

Capabilities & Benefits

  • Multi-skilled: One bot sequentially performs multiple processes on one machine using a single license.
  • Smart: Automates complex processes, such as Murex-based treasury processes, Citrix-based accounting processes, ATM reconciliation and dispute resolution, and cash, credit and overdraft limit extension.
  • Intelligent OCR: Its in-built advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capability is integrated with AI and fuzzy logic. This helps digitalize unstructured information from images and hand-written or printed text from scanned documents, photos and videos.
  • Versatile: Supports enterprise systems, legacy systems, mainframes and bespoke systems.
  • Scalability: Provides a consistent and scalable performance and is compatible with advanced enterprise technologies and business operations. 
  • Fast Deployment: Can be easily deployed in 4 to 6 weeks.
  • ROI-driven: Capable of performing innumerable processes sequentially with one license, ensuring an ROI within the first six months. Reduces manual efforts for tedious, routine, rule-based processes.
  • AI Capabilities: Provides a comprehensive platform for pattern detection, text and data mining.