As more and more people use their mobile phones to meet a wider range of needs, enterprises are seeking ways to improve customer experience on these devices. Be it apps or virtual reality solutions, organizations want to drive greater engagement with their customers on mobile phones. 

Datamatics’ i-Mobile is a robust and state-of-the-art mobile application development platform that allows our clients to reach out to their customers in new and innovative ways over mobile devices.


  • Enterprise Ready Platform:  i-Mobile is a mobile application development platform (MADP) that allows organizations to deliver a superior customer experience through over mobile devices. Organizations can thus use abstraction for undertaking enterprise mobile app development.
  • Faster Time to Market: i-Mobile helps organizations develop mobile applications based on the existing enterprise systems, which results in 50% faster turnaround time than other solutions. It gives you the ability to create your app by using a truly cross-platform app maker
  • Expert Support and Help: Datamatics provides extensive and expert support for i-Mobile customers at all stages of development and operational support (24x7) for any kind of mobile apps development. Start with app development by undertaking android/iOS app development
  • High-end Privacy and Security: i-Mobile provides the user with end-to-end data privacy and support. It takes the data from secured cloud hosted i-Mobile servers, which can be encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption for advanced data privacy & security based on the audience type and use.



  • Quick and Responsive UX and UI: i-Mobile enhances user experience by implementing advanced UI/UX (User Interface /User Experience) features in mobile applications. It is light to load with a modern and intuitive look and feel.
  • Uni-Platform Availability: i-Mobile facilitates development of mobile apps that are compatible with all available devices and platforms such as Android, iOS, etc. These apps are highly responsive and can be run on any device, be it a smart phone or a tablet.
  • Data Integration: i-Mobile helps create, store, convert, and integrate user data between the enterprise IT system and various mobile applications, in a smooth and efficient manner. It provides quick, real-time identification & integration in the JSON format. i-Mobile also enables easy isolation and integration of solution-defined data.
  • Easy Management: i-Mobile helps manage systems, apps, and users from remote locations. It provides users with a hybrid app portfolio management system for multi-layer management options. Its auto approval and notification system enables android app development in a hierarchical fashion, without the need for an app developer. i-Mobile also gives users full access to hardware capabilities and HTML5 to design apps as required.
  • State-of-the-Art Systems: i-Mobile is equipped with state-of-the art technologies. Users can add layers of security using barcodes, and enhance connectivity with Bluetooth, integrated Wi-Fi, or GPS. Using the app creator, users can explore augmented reality functions for Android/iOS apps from the Google or iPhone app stores. Again, using Amazon Web Services (AWS), users can launch their latest apps on the cloud.
  • Flexible Deployment: Using private servers, users can integrate and install i-Mobile for android apps either on the cloud or on-premise for flawless connectivity. Cloud hosting is achieved using Amazon Web Services (AWS), ensuring seamless auto-scaling.