Datamatics Genie


Many enterprises store large amounts of data in the form of physical documents, which are difficult and time-consuming to track, classify, correlate, and retrieve. Digitization will help such organizations streamline their paper-based processes to improve productivity, accuracy and turnaround time.

Based on technologies like Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Machine Learning(ML), Datamatics Genie is document management solution that can automatically digitize large volumes of documents, including agreements, contracts, application forms and invoices. Genie has the capability to scan documents, extract key information and create a summary for ready reference. The solution can also auto-index, classify and archive them.

Genie has an in-built Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature which can extract text from a document, image or pdf in any language and translate it into the language of your choice, along with a sentiment analysis of the text.




  • 100% accuracy with an automated workflow 
  • Processes large documents, scans, pdfs, images, emails etc in just a few hours
  • Natural language processing (NLP) to identify and extract key parameters from documents.
  • Advanced cognitive platform supports supervised as well as unsupervised learning
  • Aggregate and correlate data from documents to find patterns and then drill down to finer details, which can be traced back to the summaries/ original documents.
  • Multilingual capability -- 100+ local and international languages.
  • Easy and quick storage and retrieval of data
  • Compliant with statutory requirements