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Datamatics’ Projects Win Information Week Edge Awards

Sep 30, 2014 10:00:00 AM

Company Name: Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority
Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) is engaged in long-term planning, promotion of new growth centers, implementation of strategic projects and financing infrastructure development in Mumbai.

Just like every government agency, MMRDA relies heavily on paper, which posed significant challenges for the organization. Storing and retrieving these files was a tedious manual process; it was also time consuming as these files/documents moved across departments and offices. Sometimes pages and documents were lost in transit and file tracking was an issue. Also, managing legal documents and updating them was a hassle for the authorities.

In order to address these issues, MMRDA decided to implement a web-based Document Management Solution (DMS) to streamline the process. The DMS was integrated with enterprise applications and includes several features, such as storage, archival, scanning and printing, e-mail, workflows, barcodes, reports, auditing etc.

Post deployment, it is possible to maintain a workflow history for a document between multiple users for review and approval. Users can now perform multiple actions on a particular document including moving, uploading or editing along with addition to and deletion of documents or folders in the system. Features like LDAP-based authentication, audit trail reports, single sign-on, data encryption, and access control up to the document and page levels are available in the system to ensure security of the documents. The documents uploaded in the system can now be retrieved with help of search options.

Today, end customer is able to get the requested document or queries faster whilst maintaining confidentiality; this improves customer satisfaction and confidence. Also, general public has been given access to some part of the DMS,   which helps in meeting the general expectations of brining transparency and enabling officials to achieve higher customer satisfaction.

The deployment of DMS has enabled MMRDA to reduce human resources cost by 85 percent and has also enabled the company to reduce cost of the storage infrastructure.
Company Name: Datamatics Global Services
For Datamatics, a software and services company, process efficiency and workflow optimization is a big competitive advantage in the IT-ITES space. However, its earlier processes were manually intensive and needed verification of the data from two systems. Datamatics wanted to eschew the manual processes in its workflow as they were error prone and led to delays. Thus, Datamatics undertook a project to improve its internal workflow by automating and using an intelligent data validation framework.

Datamatics put together an intelligent framework called ’IQ’, choosing intelligent parsing and fuzzy logic pattern matching technology that automatically matches two data items from different sources and confirms the results with high accuracy — more than 80 percent of the cases with discrepancy getting closed automatically with 100 percent accuracy. In the earlier process, productivity was 150 records per person per day. Using IQ, the productivity has gone up to 550 records per person per day, with a drastic improvement in quality levels. This higher productivity through automation has enabled Datamatics to decrease manpower to a huge extent. The operational cost for the quality check has also drastically reduced by 80 percent compared to the previous manual process.

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