Datamatics is a proud sponsor of the E-ATP 2023 Conference in Vienna on September 20 – 22, 2023

Join us at the event to understand how our Remote Proctoring service can help deliver seamless and consistent candidate experience. Meet our experts at the Datamatics booth to learn how we partners with assessment platform providers to offer enterprise-grade remote proctoring services for remote proctored exams including multi-lingual Proctors, Candidate Support, Technical/Platform Support, Cloud Enablement, Digital Transformation and Candidate-experience led Analytics.

Our scalable, cost-effective & quality-conscious remote proctoring services focused on adherence to regulatory/compliance requirements can deliver Superior Candidate Experience with our ‘SUPER PROCTORS.’

Attend our exclusive session on..

Session Topic: Cheat-poof your exams with AI & ‘Super Proctor’

Session Date & Time: 3:15 PM – 4:00 PM local time on 21 September

As online education continues to grow globally, so do newer ways to cheat. Remote Proctoring has established itself as an important component needed to maintain the integrity of online examinations. Innovations and automation supported by AI is helping minimize regulatory risks, reduce per-candidate cost, eliminate biases and provide speedy resolutions leading to superlative candidate experiences.

Join our panelists as they deliberate if AI can enable Remote Proctoring to be conducted ethically, streamlining the online-examination process, providing better security, enabling personalized assistance, and generating valuable insights towards making online examinations cheat-proof!?

Also, understand how we are helping global clients deliver cheat-proof examinations while ensuring Superior Candidate Experience with our ‘SUPER PROCTORS’

Have no fear, Super Proctor is here!


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Sandeep Arora
EVP & Global Head of Customer Management & Consulting, Datamatics Global Services


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Michael Gamerl
Education Industry

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Praveer Chadha
Customer Management Services,