Corporate Governance

Datamatics' philosophy on Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance is an integral part of Datamatics' philosophy. It is a reflection of the culture, values and policies of the Company. As part of commitment to the various stakeholders, the Company follows global best practices. To meet its obligations towards its shareholders and other stakeholders, the Company has a corporate culture of conscience and consciousness; integrity, transparency and accountability for efficient and ethical conduct of business.

Realizing the criticality of sound corporate governance practices to enhance shareholder and stakeholder trust, the Company observes the highest level of ethics in all its dealings. Apart from complying with the statutory requirements, effective systems and practices towards improving transparency; internal controls and promotion of ethics at work place have been institutionalized.

The Company firmly believes that corporate governance standards should go beyond the law and must satisfy the spirit of law and not just the letter of the law. This is a way of life at Datamatics and is driven relentlessly across the organization.