IDP Use Cases in Telecom Services


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IDP Use Cases for Telecom Services
Email to Ticket Automation - IDP Use Case

Email to Ticket Automation

Auto-ingest incident related details from emails of customer contacts using intelligent document processing. Automatically generate tickets in the service provider's business system. Follow the ticket status to closure as per the service levels.

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Switch Port Down - IDP Use Case

Switch Port Down

Automatically extract data from incident tickets using intelligent document processing. Use RPA to check the status of switch logs or any other components that are malfunctioning. Copy the details from the error logs to the ticket and assign the ticket to the maintenance staff.

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Order Capture using Intelligent document processing (IDP) Use Case

Order Capture

Capture data of thousands of records from Excel files by using intelligent document processing and integrate them with the CRM system. Auto-generate customer orders and route them for further processing using RPA. Improve process cycle time and eliminate errors that creep in manual processes, improve speed and quality of the Order Capture process.

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Customer Correspondence Management

Customer Correspondence Management

Use intelligent document processing and RPA to capture correspondence by way of snail mail and email. Integrate the details with the CRM system and auto-assign an executive as per availability of the personnel.

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Payment Processing - IDP Use Case

Payment Processing

Receive supplier payment information through email attachment. Auto-ingest the details by using intelligent document capture, auto-validate the details as per business logic, and route them to the ERP by using RPA bots for further processing.

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