Enterprise Productivity with Intelligent Automation

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Automation is high on enterprise IT agenda and seen as a major driver of Enterprise Productivity. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) automates repetitive tasks and processes and frees up employees to focus on more-strategic and higher-priority initiatives. Intelligent document processing (IDP) allows knowledge workers to automate document-intensive processes involving unstructured and structured data. Artificial intelligence (AI) in its various guises enables software to tackle relatively complex decisioning scenarios and unstructured data. In a nutshell, Intelligent Automation is driving major changes in the “Future of Work” and delivering greater Enterprise Productivity.

Program Overview:

  • With the objective of enabling organizations to leverage intelligent automation for driving Enterprise Productivity, we are offering our TruCap+ IDP and TruBot RPA tools at attractive prices until December 31st, 2021.
  • Starting @$99/month, we are offering one TruBot (unattended or attended) RPA license for one to multiple years. In addition, we are offering one TruCap+ IDP license for usage up to 10,000 pages for a period of 90 days. Organizations can subscribe to RPA bots and licenses for multiple years as part of this enterprise productivity offer.
  • We will offer two (2) free hours of consulting with an intelligent automation expert."

Benefits of “Enterprise Productivity with Intelligent Automation” offer :

  • Drive enterprise productivity by automating tasks, processes, and documents using an integrated intelligent automation platform
  • Increase business agility and respond faster to customer requirements and competitive dynamics
  • Use and scale digital workforce for agility at a lower cost of ownership
  • Elevate human potential by upskilling and cross-skilling employees otherwise involve in mundane, repetitive tasks
  • Improve processing time, reduce errors, and handle surge in volumes more efficiently
  • Execute well against your digital transformation agenda allied to people, process, and technology
  • Use cognitive capabilities for decisioning and tackling unstructured data"

What is included in the offer?

  • @$99/month, one TruBot (unattended or attended) RPA license. In addition, we are offering one TruCap+ IDP license for usage up to 10,000 pages for a period of 90 days. The minimum license/subscription period is one year, multiple-year licensing options available.
  • The combined “TruBot RPA + TruCap+ IDP” offer is available only for up to 5 RPA bot licenses, thereafter organizations can scale by availing individual TruBot license@$99/month.
  • Using one cloud-enabled TruCap+ IDP license, users can access an aggregate page volume added at the rate of 10,000 pages per RPA bot license. This provision applies only for up to 5 RPA bot licenses, thereafter standard TruCap+ subscription charges apply.
  • In terms of enabling architectural components, 2 Designers and 2 Cockpits Enterprise (1 Prod, 1 Dev) offered for 1-4 bot licenses. For 5 or more bot licenses, 4 Designers, 2 Cockpits Enterprise (1 Prod, 1 Dev), and TruBot Analytics (3 dashboards) will be offered. Cockpit Personal will be offered at no additional charge to those interested in deploying on local machines.
  • We will offer 2 hours of consulting for free to help your get started on your intelligent automation initiative.

Enterprise Productivity Offer

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