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A mobile workforce is making it increasingly challenging for organizations to hire the right talent for the job at hand. To successfully recruit the right kind of talent, organizations must adopt strategic marketing techniques that are transformative.

What we do

Provide world class staffing services for various industry profiles

Datamatics’ comprehensive staffing services are designed to provide companies with highly qualified individuals who are professionally trained. Datamatics has adopted various engagement models such as Time & Materials (T&M), Managed Service Provider (MSP), and Statement of Work (SOW) to implement its sourcing and fulfillment process.

MSP Value Proposition

Datamatics is the single point of contact for MSPs looking for qualified resources. As a supplier of skilled workforce to several notable MSPs, the company addresses all compliance issues, creates and implements processes, guides the recruitment team, and meets the needs of the end clients.

As the chosen partner to several MSPs in the United States and India, Datamatics understands the functional elements that go into building a sustainable talent pipeline. With a prudent talent management practice, Datamatics helps companies hire best-in-class professionals across industries and departments.

Professional Service


Skill sets we support:

  • All IT skills
  • Engineering: IT skills, non-IT skills, for light and heavy industries
  • Administrative and non-technical skills


We service all locations in India and the US except Puerto Rico

Our Customers

Datamatics supports a diverse global clientele across domains, products, and captive centers.

What’s in it for you?

Datamatics is a leading technology services company running over 100 projects concurrently in various industry verticals.

Datamatics addresses all employee placement challenges and proactively pools candidates from an increasingly dynamic workforce. The end result is that companies manage contingencies within the budget, ensure quality hires, and subsequently lower their staff turnover.

Professional Service