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Smart Enterprise Automation: Easing Document Automation with AI-enabled Intelligent Document Processing 

calendar04th March | 11:00 AM US ET | 08:00 AM US PT | 04:00 PM GMT 

80% of enterprise data is unstructured and the volume of unstructured and semi-structured data in documents that enterprises need to process for doing business is increasing rapidly. Legacy automation tools and home-grown solutions (e.g., optical character recognition or OCR engines) are unable to scale and provide requisite level of straight-through processing (STP) with accuracy, and knowledge workers spend a lot of time and effort in manually processing documents.
Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) fits-the-bill for such requirements by tackling unstructured data in documents using AI/ML capabilities, reducing a host of errors in end-to-end processing, delivering a greater degree of STP with accuracy, thereby making businesses more efficient.
Join this webinar featuring a leading analyst from Everest Group to gain insights into IDP value proposition, key use cases, and adoption trends. During this webinar we will focus on –
  • IDP as an approach to document processing and its key benefits.
  • IDP adoption trends, best practices, and outlook for future growth.
  • Datamatics TruCap+ IDP value proposition and differentiating features.
  • Lessons from the ground – IDP customer success stories. 

Vijayan_Anil_Webinar Speaker


Guest Speaker: Anil Vijayan 
Vice President
Everest Group