The global online exam proctoring market is projected to reach USD 1.58 Bn by 2028. Online/Remote proctoring services are being adopted by a growing number of enterprises to ensure safe, secure, and convenient ways to conduct a range of certifications and assessments. The proctoring space is evolving, and it is imperative for organizations to opt for practices that ensure quality, efficiency, safety & security while ensuring best-in-class candidate experience.
Exams often face privacy & security concerns. Eliminating threats & covering for risks is imperative. Service providers need to create an environment that prevents cheating, protects from digital threats & ensures data security. Also, it is essential to hire proctors who are highly experienced & trained to mitigate risks.
It is essential to augment proctors with AI to ensure test security & quality. Join this online session to know how ‘Super Proctors’ augmented by AI can deliver seamless candidate experience and quality at the same time..
Remote proctoring is here to stay because candidates will cheat and you will need proctors!
Join this discussion to understand:
  • Do candidates prefer remote proctoring?
  • Use of AI in remote proctoring, does it make candidate experience worse or better?
  • In future will AI take over the human role?
  • How has test security evolved with remote proctoring, will remote proctoring make it easier or more difficult for candidates?
  • How to ensure test security without hampering candidate experience?
  • How can augmented proctors ensure cheat-proof examinations?
  • In the future, how will remote proctoring evolve, specially the role of the proctor?
Richard London


Richard London,
Senior User Experience, Prometric

Alex Tong


Alex Tong,
VP, Business Development,
ATA Online

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Sandeep Arora,
EVP & Global Head of Customer Management & Consulting, Datamatics

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Senior Consulting Advisor,