A Comprehensive Artificial Intelligence And Cognitive Sciences Solution


Over the globe, around 90% of data is in unstructured format. With an exponential increase in this data, enterprises find it challenging to harness it for intelligent use. Here technology can be leveraged to provide sustainable business solutions and go beyond.

Artificial Intelligence solutions / Machine Learning solutions are accomplished to process and correlate this unstructured data in any form to come up with intelligent patterns, data insights, and image identification. New-age hybrid AI / ML engines join the dots across a plethora of multi-structured data assets to predict events and raise alerts.

Datamatics TruAI is a comprehensive Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Sciences solution that helps enterprises leverage use cases related to pattern detection, text & data mining, and computer vision. It helps enterprises extract intelligence from high volumes of high velocity data including structured, unstructured, and multi-structured data from diverse sources such as spreadsheets, documents, emails, PDFs, images, video files, audio files, social media, news, transactions, and other data types to discover actionable insights that are traceable.

This human data interface (HDI) uses various AI components including topic clustering, cognitive capture, sentiment capture, face detection, face match, face search, object classification, object detection, etc. It aggregates data and correlates seemingly unrelated data points to provide the bigger picture. It uses multiple data sources, data lakes, and databases to perform contextual analysis and sequence building.

Datamatics has engagements across multiple industries including - Banking & Financial Services, Healthcare, Insurance, Market Research, Retail, Manufacturing & Logistics, International Organizations, and Credit Rating Agencies. It enables partners to aggregate connected data and generate actionable insights.



Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Science Tools Solutions

TruAI Text

  • Document classification
  • Document clustering
  • Topic modelling
  • Accurate summarizations
  • Cognitive capture
  • Named Entity Recognition (NER)
  • Co-Reference in long texts
  • Underlying sentiment analysis in unstructured text
  • Emotion analysis
  • Word embedding for semantic and contextual searches

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Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Science Software Solutions

TruAI Pattern

  • Pattern recognition
  • Association extraction
  • Co-relation of data points
  • Prediction of behavior and events

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Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Science Software Solutions

TruAI Vision

  • Face detection
  • Face match
  • Face search
  • Live face (selfie)
  • Object classification
  • Object detection

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Artificial intelligence & Machine Learning Methods

Information Mining

Artificial intelligence and machine learning methods for fast information mining with high precision as compared to key-word based or fuzzy searches Multi-lingual text mining and rule based mining

AI  Software Tool with Data Aggregation and Query Platform


Data aggregation and query platform to collect, validate, analyse data, and decide in near real-time

AI  Software Tool with Natural Language Processing

Traceable Pattern Generation

High-end technologies, such as natural language processing, advanced text analytics, advanced data analytics, stream analytics, for pattern generation with better accuracy and relevancy

Artificial intelligence & cognitive sciences Tool with Alerts to highlight action

Alert Generation

Alerts to highlight action items which need quick attention

Artificial intelligence (AI) & cognitive sciences Tool with Text classification & clustering

Classification And Grouping

Text classification and clustering for seamless grouping of elements and records

Artificial intelligence (AI) & cognitive sciences Tool with Document summarisation

Document Highlights Generation

Document summarisation for culling out key points before further processing as well as archival

Information extraction using Artificial intelligence (AI) & cognitive sciences Tool

Data Extraction

Information extraction for mining entity, event, topic models, key phrases, document scrutiny, etc.

Uncover deepest patterns with AI & Cognitive Science Tool

Pattern Mining

Associations and relationships to uncover deepest patterns, rings, similar behaviours or implicit groups while projecting likelihood of events

Real-time search and indexing engine using AI & Cognitive Science Tool

Data Indexing

Real-time search and indexing engine for building a seamless archival-retrieval system

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