Research Technology

Scale up Market Research operations with the help of technology


Datamatics supports the Market Research projects and ecosystem through its set of MIDAS offerings. These technologies enable Market Research agencies to manage development and maintenance requirements of the core Research and Analytics systems.

Research Agencies have multiple technology requirements, right from building new applications to improve their process of data collection and insights generation to supporting existing platforms and processes which could be niche and require specialized attention.

Datamatics with its domain knowledge of research and experience in IT helps companies provide an agile and appropriate service. The company has a suite of Research Technology offerings, rightly referred to as MIDAS (Manage, Integrate, Design, Automate, and Scale-up).


360 Degree Market Research & Data Analysis for Mystery Shopping Audit ServicesManage

  • Build, support and manage panel management applications
  • Provide L1/L2 support to internal users & external panelists for pre-operatory system
  • Build applications and workflows for specific research applications
  • Help manage and maintain repository of proprietary data relating to Brands, Behaviors or Customers
Statistical Data Modelling & Simulations


  • Link Brand Health and Tracking data with GRP, Social Media, and Sales
  • Link CRM data with NPS and Sales
  • Build API bridges for connecting various data streams
  • Link digital metrics of Reach and Recognition with Saliency measures of Tracking

Audio Video Market Research Interviews & CompilationDesign

  • Build and maintain real-time always-on responsive dashboards
  • Link various data streams to provide a single view of the data
  • Automate creation and distribution of standardized reports in offline formats
  • Build in-field/operational dashboards to know the health of the projects to provide early alerts for adverse events

Record To Report (R2R) Service - Fixed Assests AccountingAutomate

  • Build workflow applications with RPA to reduce redundancies
  • Build upstream processes to analyze and process data to generate automated results
  • Build single access knowledge management platform
  • Set up benchmarks and generate scores based on a comparison of historical data

Record To Report (R2R) Service - General Ledger AccountingScale-up

  • Generate machine-based transcriptions within minutes for audio recordings of DIs and FGDs
  • Automate coding from voice recorded questions in quant studies
  • Automate the content analysis of transcriptions with machine learning
  • Create a workflow to manage qualitative recordings and extract the voice of customers to enhance presentations

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