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Analytics is only as good as your data substratum. Agencies receive voluminous and high speed data – both structured and unstructured – from diverse sources. This big data generated over multiple brands and products needs to be transcribed and analyzed within a short turnaround time.

Datamatics offers digital data preparation to bring in contextual awareness and standardization across the augmented data. These value-added and integrated data assets can be stationed in cloud-based knowledge repositories. These curated digital assets also have the potential for data mining with proprietary data visualization tools, such as Datamatics TruBI, for agile reporting and insightful data views & drill-downs.


Optical Data Ingestion - Data Preparation

Optical Data

  • Ingestion through multiple data sources, such as scanned documents, fax, social media, emails, etc., by using TruCap+ and TruBot
  • Many related activities, such as data extraction, classification, verification and validation
Multi-lingual Transcription and Content Analysis

Speech to Text & Multi-lingual Transcription

  • Transcription from audio & video recordings supported by Speech-to-Text and Text Analytics engine
  • Services provided for Global and Indian regional languages

Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Science Software SolutionsIntegrated Content Analysis & Text to Speech

  • Unstructured data classified in a structured analysis template and grouped basis the research objective, across all types of Research Studies, allows researchers to derive better and faster insights
  • Data summarization and classifications, key themes, geo-tagging, semantic search engine, and Text-to-Speech snippets for finer nuances, intonation and other verbal cues
Data Preparation - Verbatim Coding services

Verbatim Coding

  • Open-ended coding service on text, audio and video inputs, using a combination of Natural Language Processing (NLP) based automation and experienced human coders

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