Data Monetization

Unify Data to Amplify its Value through the Connected Data Framework


Datamatics, as the Data to Intelligence (D2I) expert,  enables brands to optimize the use of their data through data unification and insights amplification for data monetization. It uses the brand’s enterprise-level data that may be in different multi-structured formats and broadens its use through interconnectedness across unique parameters. Datamatics systematically extends the data usability by preparing/curating, integrating and unifying it by using different tools, and runs it through advanced analytics and data visualization tools. It helps create a high-quality, unified data structure and amplifies its value through its Connected Data ecosystem which makes it the ‘Single Source of Truth’ for mining customer and brand-related insights.


Business intelligence (BI) solution with Cloud ready architecture

Multi-source Data Unification & Visualization

  • Link disparate datasets, comprising multi-structured data, derived from internal and external sources, surveys, and audits to derive intelligence on the customer’s path to purchase
  • Map data insights to the unique customer ids or create customer personas to derive persona-specific insights for better data monetization
  • Mine actionable insights from this unified and ever-evolving Connected Data ecosystem on an ongoing basis
Business intelligence (BI) tool offers Multi-Dimensional View

Customer Analytics

  • Perform 360-degree analysis of customer or brand-related data by using Advanced Analytics across the Connected Data.
  • Use digital solutions, such as omnichannel voice-of-the-customer generation, speech-to-text solutions, social media analytics, customer lifetime value analysis, churn/customer acquisition models, etc.

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