Customer Experience Measurement & Implementation

Build a customer-centric culture and nurture customer loyalty

Research & Analytics Solutions

Datamatics understands the brand’s requirements to continuously measure and monitor the customer experience across different parameters at a regular frequency. It uses technology for administering interventions, augmenting data, and holistically measuring individual and collective customer experiences. Datamatics helps brands build and manage customizable digital platforms to solicit and augment customer sentiment and develop a digital customer experience management framework. It enables brands to collect customer feedback through different channels, measure customer sentiment, integrate the outcome into Connected Data platforms and further leverage it by deploying advanced analytics and disseminating the insights to improve customer experience and brand value.


Customer Retention

Satisfaction Metrics

  • Monitor Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction (Csat) across different touchpoints (online and offline)
  • Transactional and Relationship surveys (tNPS and rNPS)
  • Measure NPS, CSat and other brand-specific metrics in an agile environment
Customer Acquisition

Customer Experience Consulting & Projects

  • Integrate CSat/NPS findings for a holistic CX measurement framework
  • Triangulate with omnichannel Voice of Customer (VoC) data and other key customer metrics and datasets across touchpoints

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