Customer Experience Compliance

Enhance customer experience by ensuring on-ground compliance


Datamatics enables brands to continuously monitor procedural compliance across different touchpoints vis-à-vis multiple KPIs to improve their processes, market positioning, regulatory requirements (like GDPR) and brand image. These touchpoints include strategic nodes right from product shipment to data warehousing in specific environmental conditions to wholesaler marts to retail outlets. It helps them to establish Customer Experience conducive standard operating procedures (SOPs) and institutionalize best-of-the-breed compliance systems and processes, including mystery audit/mystery shopping across all channels. Datamatics endeavors to understand procedural challenges and establish highly relevant and digitally-efficient business models to resolve those challenges for brands.


Customer Acquisition

Customer-Centric Process Consulting & Advisory

  • Conduct comprehensive CX journey analysis and engage Process Consulting & Advisory with respect to integration of survey data observations retrieved in multi-structured data formats and implementing systems, processes, and compliance frameworks
  • Perform As-Is Data Maturity Assessments for implementing transformative solutions that cover the end-to-end business spectrum vis-à-vis customer experience and customer engagement
  • Institutionalize industry best practices and CX benchmarks, design market-leading roadmaps, and monitor the implementation of these roadmaps
Risk Management

Customer Experience Monitoring Mechanisms

  • Institutionalize mystery audit/mystery shopping and compliance mechanisms to discover blind spots and monitor different customer-centric KPIs across different touchpoints, including physical stores and remote contact centers, and generate real-time customer feedback
  • Integrate the generated feedback to plug the CX gaps and establish structures for Operational Excellence and Continuous Improvement.
  • Conduct customer satisfaction support and post-feedback implementation.

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