Robotic Process Automation



Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has gained significant momentum in the last few years and has revolutionized the way business process operates. With over a decade of proven multi industry experience in RPA across sectors, Datamatics’ RPA solution offers both Software Licenses and Composite Services to different verticals, making it highly flexible and effective. Owning the software source code and having no external dependencies, enables us to customize the solution based on the client’s requirements.

Datamatics’ RPA solutions use iBots, a family of intelligent robots, to offer improved business efficiency and accuracy. This is done by emulating and automating human actions along with the decision making process, without making changes to the underlying systems and processes.

Which processes can be automated?

Automation is usually done for more rule-based, repetitive processes which need manual intervention and have a higher risk of errors. It is therefore imperative to select the right processes which can be automated resulting in better accuracy, enhanced efficiency and higher productivity.

Datamatics Advantage:

  • One of the leading players of RPA in India and the only Indian company to own various proprietary solutions that offer greater flexibility and scalability. It has the capability of managing different types of process nuances, and the solutions’ ‘off-the-rack’ framework results in faster implementation.
  • Enabled several financial clients to streamline and automate large amounts of manual, high-volume, repetitive and rule-based processes involving structured and unstructured data.
  • Capability to work on various complex and legacy systems such as Citrix, VDI, RDP, Mainframes etc. The solution has the capability of handling complex applications with ease which involves multiple systems and lengthy processes.
  • Only company to have an in-house intelligent character recognition engine for document scanning and digitization.