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Deploying an effective and secure Data-Output Strategy

Data is consumed at all levels of an organisation and the consumption vary as per the role and rights assigned to the respective business users. It has been observed that enterprises in the quest to manage this variedness end up deploying multiple tools and technologies thereby creating complexity, manageability issues, compromise on data security and increased costs. An effective centralised data-output strategy which can balance the IT and business units of an enterprise in managing data-availability, can assist an organisation in overcoming these challenges.

Datamatics' nSights, an Information Delivery, Business Intelligence and Data-Analytics platform offers multiple business user interfaces built on a secure In-Memory computing and hybrid architecture. With user friendly and intuitive features to conduct adhoc and Self-Service Reporting, Dashboard and Data analysis, Datamatics' nSights offers the much needed flexibility for organisations to propagate a culture of data-based decision making.

In this webinar we will showcase how Datamatics' nSights Information Delivery platform can help an organisation to deploy a robust, scalable and secure Data-Output Strategy with an optimised Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Date : Wednesday, November 30th 2016.
Time : 12:00 PM - 12.45 PM EDT.
           11:00 AM - 11:45 AM CDT.
Speaker : Vikram Kole, VP - DGSL