Put your Website at the forefront of your Customer Engagement Strategy


Datamatics is an award winning partner to Sitecore with proven expertise on its customer experience management products. This partnership focuses on helping clients put their customers at the very centre of their business by giving them the power to shape personalized customer experiences every single time.

As a testimonial to our expertise in creating effective and meaningful digital experiences, Datamatics won the highly coveted ‘Sitecore Website of the Year award for 2013’!

Our Services

Engagement Portal

Datamatics leverages Sitecore’s award winning Customer Engagement Platform to help you deliver a unique, connected web experience for every one of your customers. We ensure that your website becomes the centerpiece of your digital marketing strategy to deliver more conversions and ultimately drive higher revenue through better cross-channel engagement.


  • A single integrated platform to engage, track and measure all your customer interactions
  • Consistent branding and the flexibility to manage and customize content to shape a personalized yet consistent customer experience
  • Multilingual sites – ability to create content in any language and integrate translation services with them; ensuring a consistent message
  • Best of breed integration with social media platforms and blogs, wikis, forums, polls, surveys etc.
  • Ability to manage email, web and mobile channels right from the Sitecore platform
  • Tune messages for different target groups and nurture them along highly desired site paths
  • Customization to extend and scale your website to include e-commerce services such as catalog management.
  • Engagement Analytics – Focus on measuring metrics relevant to your business to , score your leads, manage your campaigns and budgets

Member Enrolment

Datamatics’ team of skilled experts is proficient in managing new enrollments and change requests by leveraging its own robust proprietary member enrollment system. Our system generates the HIPAA compliant 834 EDI files which are then uploaded to the payers system for further processing. We support the payers by helping them to scale upduring the open enrolment season for handling huge volumes. Datamatics also supports enrollment on the client systems.


  • Platform agnostic operations
  • Flexibility to manage sporadic volumes in open season
  • Safe and secure processing methodologies
  • World class data security practices