Comprehensive Information management to transform your business


Datamatics is an EMC2 Business Partner with rich experience on the Captiva, Documentum & eRoom product suites. This partnership combines the deep content management expertise of Datamatics with the advanced capture and information lifecycle management platforms of EMC2 to provide innovative and integrated solutions tailored to specific industry needs.

Our Services

Intelligent Capture

Capture accurately. Lower costs. Minimize risks.

Datamatics leverages EMC2 Captiva to transform your paper-based documents into information that is ready for your applications and processes. 


  • Smart capture of information from your back offices or mailroom environment
  • Automated classification and data extraction 
  • Routing captured information to the right business systems

Enterprise Content Management

Benefit from superior information management, security and compliance. 

With expertise across the Documentum suite, Datamatics has helped clients transform into truly digital and information centric organizations.  

Documentum D2

Remove the complexity of content management systems with Documentum D2.  With a powerful configurable framework, you can move away from costly and time-consuming customizations allowing your business to react faster to dynamic business needs while accelerating the time for deployment and lowering the TCO.


  • Quick configurations through a single intuitive UI
  • Automated document control ensures compliance with content governance policies
  • Higher user adoption rates due to personalized UI
  • Advanced workflow, lifecycle and  auditing capabilities
  • Significantly lower costs of training and overall maintenance

Documentum xCP

Documentum xCP development platform allows your developers and architects to work faster and smarter by creating scalable, cloud based applications.


  • xCP designer requires no coding, providing quick, easy development and deployment  of cloud solutions
  • Enhanced reporting abilities with support for content analytics and dashboards
  • Simplifies processes while ensuring regulatory compliance


With EMC’s Syncplicity, Datamatics puts the power of mobility in your hands, allowing for secure, enterprise grade file sharing and syncing.


  • Secure, corporate alternative to applications like Dropbox
  • Easy distribution and editing of content to your workforce on their mobile devices
  • Ability to share huge files overcoming email restrictions
  • Ability to track downloads, configure access with minimal effort

Documentum Records Management

With a rich experience of managing the entire lifecycle of records, Datamatics helps your business comply with the stricter government regulations and improve transparency using Documentum Records management. 


  • Ability to comprehensively manage a variety of records – electronic, email , digital media etc.
  • Flexibility to allow manual filing of records in alignment to the regulations
  • Simplified record filing and classification in a hierarchical manner
  • Risk mitigation – avoidance of litigations and penalties 
  • Enhanced control - scheduled disposal of records
  • Seamless integration to other business systems

Secured Team Collaboration - EMC Documentum eRoom

Datamatics enables effective and secure collaboration using eRoom. eRoom is a flexible, secure and highly intuitive web-based, shared digital workspace. With eRoom, users across departments can share ideas, store project content, assign tasks, track and manage deliverables in a single, shared web-based project environment.


  • Single repository across a collaborative environment
  • Secure collaboration area extended beyond the enterprise 
  • Eliminate the time spent searching for or recreating existing information