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In today's hyper competitive market, it has become imperative for Market Research organizations to bridge the quality and efficiency gaps within their research processes. With emergence of new channels of information acquisition and survey administering, market research is evolving at a rapid place. Changing customer expectations for faster turn-around time and high accuracy is adding to the pressures that a typical market research firm has to deal with today.

Datamatics' Research & Analytics offers a smart blend of Technology and Market Research, which are aligned towards meeting the unique needs of the industry.

With a client base that includes the world's top five Market Research companies, Datamatics is a specialist in providing end-to-end Data Management solutions spanning across processes and operations, integrated with futuristic technology.

The quality approach by Research and Analytics division is to ensure that the standards prescribed by the client are strictly adhered to without any bias in the project development/execution.

Challenges faced by our clients are mostly improving on error free deliverables through peaks and troughs in the workload while compiling with standards

Datamatics has proven credentials in the research and analytics space, with affiliations to:

  • The European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research (ESOMAR)
  • The Council of American Survey Research Organizations (CASRO)
  • The Market Research Society of India (MRSI)
  • The Marketing Research Association (MRA)

The key benefits arising out of Datamatics' technology-oriented services are:

  • Capability to execute complex research programs in tight deadlines
  • Adaptation to multi-language and geography specific research requirements
  • 24X7 availability for customer queries
  • Reduced turn-around of information processing and transcription activities
  • Increased productivity and enhanced Returns on Investment
  • Access to new research channels and technologies to help research companies gain competitive edge in their markets
Leveraging analytics to reduce the warranty cost of a consumer electronics company

Datamatics conceived and developed an analytical dashboard for a leading consumer electronics manufacturing company to analyze the cause and effect of warranty claims. This enabled them to predict the warranty cost drivers beforehand, control these drivers by taking proactive measures and thereby reducing warranty cost.

Effective third party testing of Market research application for a leader in predictive analytics technologies

Datamatics helped a leading Market research company in complete end-to-end beta testing of a market research data collection tool. The end-to-end testing including defect re-testing and functionality testing of the tool by reporting critical bugs and suggestions improved the response time for executing scripts and thereby stabilizing the new software version of the tool.

Analytics staff augmentation through Full Time Equivalent (FTE) engagement model for a leading Bank

A leading bank engaged with Datamatics through a transparent and streamlined process of staff augmentation of analytics professionals through FTE engagement model leading to a reduction in overall cost and better process management.

Driving Audio Survey Data Capture and Processing to Lower Costs for Global Market Research Company

One of the world's largest market research companies leverages Datamatics' research automation solutions to improve process efficiencies in high volume Audio Survey data transcription, capture and processing, leading to reduced manpower requirements and more than half a million Dollars in cost savings.

Survey Data Capture and Processing Solutions Bring Greater Accuracy and Cost Effectiveness to a Global Market Research Firm

A global market research firm uses Datamatics Research and Analytics services and technology capabilities to accurately and cost effectively extract data from 7.5 million documents, across 467 geographically dispersed regions, in 22 different languages, while meeting stringent delivery timelines.

Eliminating Human Error Through Charting Automation for a Global Market Research Company

Datamatics helps global market research company build a customized solution to automate the manual charting activity, with prompts auto confirmation to eliminate the chance of human error, leading to 100% accuracy of data and reduced turnaround time by 50%.

Mobile Application development for managing panels for leading Market Research Company

Datamatics helped the leading Market research Company in developing a native mobile solution that will enable them to not only manage and interact with their interviewers but also carry out the entire survey using through a smartphone by leveraging GPS and camera functionality for real time surveys.

Automated Digitization and Archival of Content Helps Faster CMS Integration for Leading Information Provider

A leading scientific, technology and medical information provider uses Datamatics Online Content Services to cost effectively extract, transform, digitize and archive a large amount of published content, and integrate this with the Content Management System.

Data Capture and Processing Solution Helps Leading Research Firm Reduce Costs and Gain Efficiencies

Datamatics helps one of the world's leading research firms improve turnaround time by 27% and reduce costs by 40% through an end to end form research processing solution to capture and convert paper based data into electronic readable format that is ready for analysis.

Reducing TAT Through F&A Services for Leading Media Company

A leading news provider organization uses Datamatics F&A services to automate processes, reduce TAT, ensure high quality of data, and reduce operational costs.


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Research & Analytics

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