Datamatics’ proprietary product Synapsis™ is a highly evolved Artificial Intelligence (AI) based platform that can ingeniously detect fraudulent transaction patterns amongst diverse and seemingly unrelated entities. It uses Adaptive Genetic Algorithms, which creates self-evolving models to help real-time fraud detection. The product is a comprehensive data mining platform that automatically extracts entities such as people, organizations, locations, dates, times, events that correlates information across varied sources including semantic information from structured and semi-structured, un-structured data sources and spreadsheets, unstructured and semi-structured documents, PDFs, images, video, audio, and other data types.


  • The product offers a highly intuitive Human-Data Interface (HDI) for analysis and offers deep insights.
  • It detects all possible patterns from a billion transactions spanning millions of nodes within 4 hours on a standard three-machine cluster with low end servers.
  • It spots and highlights instances of sudden dormancy, sudden activity, cross-geography transactions, multiple account transactions, and low tenure transactions by raising alerts.
  • It detects periodicity and cyclicity of events based on predefined parameters and identifies patterns.
  • It utilizes AI-based Rule Engines comprising Machine Learning / Neural Networks to identify suspicious transactions, Radial-Basis Function Networks (RBFs) for classifying transactions into fraud cases, Self Organizing Maps for identifying potential frauds.
  • It enables the customer to take more informed decisions in real-time based on insights from multi-structured data.
  • It discovers patterns and correlations, which could be potential business leads or threats.
  • It offers a highly interactive user interface in a secure, scalable, and reliable environment.
  • It simulates a human brain and deciphers connection and context in multi-lingual data.
  • It indexes extracted information for easy retrieval.