nSightsTM is Datamatics’ proprietary, easy-to-use, web-based, and end-to-end Business Intelligence product, which has integrated Advanced Analytics capabilities. It is especially suited to data-intensive industries having high reporting frequency. With features such as fast analytical engines, in-memory analytics, and device-agnostic design, this product offers accelerated decision-making, while delivering 10 times faster query responses anytime anywhere in a flexible yet secure environment.


  • Highly interactive dashboards and customized reports help accurately forecast and predict scenarios as well as discover existing hidden patterns in data at scale, emanating from disparate sources
  • Real-time monitoring of performance metrics to make faster and more informed decisions
  • Remote tracking and supervising through self-authoring dashboards with collaboration, drill through, and multi-level reporting capability
  • Templates and customized reports to perform comprehensive data analysis, data mining, statistical analysis, multi-dimensional visual reporting for comparing scenarios, along with the capability to merge reports to provide a holistic view
  • Scheduler for sharing real-time and T-1 data at regular intervals as well as capabilities for ad-hoc analysis & reporting, predicting, forecasting, and segmentation