Enterprise Data Management


Datamatics has a robust Enterprise Data Management practice that is built on the ‘Intelligence-First’ principle. Aimed at enabling organizations gain access to real-time business insights, the practice helps businesses co-develop a hybrid architecture that unifies multi-structured data from disparate sources to derive intelligence. Datamatics thereby helps businesses stay competitive by making their processes and systems responsive and aligned to evolving market conditions.

What do we do?

Datamatics manages the entire Data to Intelligence life cycle and provides end-to-end solutions and advisory consulting for:

  1. Data Architecture & Data Governance: Establish standard models, accountability matrix and best-in-class policies for collecting, storing, integrating, accessing and analyzing data in a secure environment.

  2. Data Ingestion: Import and integrate multi-structured data from disparate (internal or external) sources including enterprise systems, free text documents, market surveys, public domain information such as portals/websites, social media, blogs, etc. in real-time for further processing and analysis.

  3. Data Preparation: Support businesses to migrate, curate, integrate, and organize data to make it ready for Data Mining and Pattern Analysis.

  4. Data Storage and Indexing: Configure and define the data flow for highly scalable data storages and Data Lakes. These are built on cost effective storage devices and operate in a framework of advanced metadata tags for seamless retrieval.

  5. Data Consumption: Mine historical and related data sets in order to derive high value business insights using different methods, including Data Visualization/Business Intelligence, Predictive Data Analytics/Data Science, Text Analytics/Pattern Mining/Prescriptive Analytics.

    1.  Data Visualization (DV) / Business Intelligence (BI): Getting insights, identifying patterns and correlations from voluminous data, showcased through intuitive and self-service dashboards. Click here to know more

    2.  Predictive Data Analytics / Data Science: Predict outcomes from historical data and assess the same for future occurrences. Click here to know more

    3.  Text Analytics / Pattern Mining / Prescriptive Analytics: Decipher patterns from multiple sources including static and streaming data, which is done through cognitive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Click here to know more

  6. Insights Integration: Help develop systems and platforms that integrate intelligence from analytical findings into the business. Through automation, these insights can be shared across all stakeholders, thereby facilitating a continuous, self-evolving, and self-learning feedback loop.


Datamatics offers a wide array of services across the Data to Intelligence spectrum.


  • Business Intelligence / Analytics: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Evolutionary Algorithms, Genetic Algorithms, Stochastic Modelling, Structured and Unstructured Analytics (including Text Analytics)
  • Data Lake / Data Repository: Hadoop, PostgreSql, MongoDb, Ms SQL, MapR, Talend
  • Data Visualization: Tableau, Qlik Sense, Cognos, nSights
  • Data Enrichment / Quality Assurance: Data Standardization, Cleansing, Transformation, Data quality controls
  • Data Bus / Data Integration: Data Profiling, Mart formation, Extraction, Transformation, Loading (ETL) Automation, Data Discovery, Data Migration
  • Master Data Management: Governance, Architecture, Models, Quality and Security
  • Strategic Alliances: MapR, Talend, Informatica, Microsoft, IBM
  • Consulting & Advisory: Data Maturity Assessment, Data Architecture & Governance and Integrated Intelligence


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