Market Research


Datamatics’ proprietary tools for the market research industry help clients in achieving error free deliverables through peaks and troughs in the workload while complying with regulatory standards. Our solutions ensure that the right information is available to the decision makers at the right time.

Our Services


i-CAT™ is a web-based, cost effective and intelligent categorization platform for efficient and accurate open ended coding. The auto coding feature of i-CAT™ is based on the Natural language Processing (NLP) framework that improves accuracy by up to 60% and productivity by 45%. Users can simultaneously capture data, transcribe and code surveys at the same time, crop open ended responses through image bursting coupled with complex concatenation algorithms.

It improves the efficiencies of a coding team while reducing project management and planning efforts. The built in workflow to track productivity, coupled with a quality mechanism, is capable of generating customized reports to meet stringent quality standards.


  • Multiple process integration
  • Auto-coding using intelligent categorization
  • Built-in project management workflow
  • Modular quality tracking
  • Real-time stimulus aid
  • Language independent operation


Datamatics' TagCloud™ is an innovative content extraction technology that adds quantitative dimensions to qualitative transcripts by insightful clubbing of data rich transcripts from various data sources.

Datamatics' TagCloud™ ensures efficient qualitative data management by improving turn-around-times and managing transcriptions end-to-end. It also facilitates first level quality-analysis and final report presentation.


  • Rapid transcription of high volumes, enabling quick turn-around of research processes
  • Simultaneous transcription and first-level qualitative analysis
  • Real-time tagging
  • Capability to transcript all possible Audio / Video formats
  • Empowers organizations to monitor and manage all active projects in the tool