Information Management Solution


Datamatics offers innovative technology solutions to help organizations integrate and manage a wide spectrum of information assets in a unified manner. Our information management solutions enable organizations to consolidate, manage and access relevant business information in an efficient manner. This helps them extract rich business insights, gain competitive differentiation, enable regulatory compliance, reduce business risks and drive down the cost of doing business.

Our Services

ePM+ - Smart Workflow

e-Process Manager+ is a sophisticated web based workflow management framework to help enterprises optimize their financial operations. Through a series of hosted offerings, customers gain huge improvements in efficiency within payables management, receivables management and general ledger management.

The web based interface of ePM+ makes it a highly user friendly and geographically scalable solution that can be customized easily to handle complex workflows for specific business requirements. An online supplier portal enables e-invoicing, auto-routing of invoices for approval, and highly responsive customer service.


  • Highly optimized order-to-cash and procure-to-pay cycles
  • Hosted pay-per-use solution helps convert CAPEX to OPEX
  • Reduction in past due customers
  • Lower daily sales outstanding
  • Faster turnaround to avail early payment related discount opportunities
  • Comprehensive audit trail complying with SOX and other compliance requirements

iDART - Intelligent Archival & Version Control

i-DART is a powerful suite of intelligent business solutions that enables organizations to efficiently archive, retrieve, index, version, and track their digitized business documents. i-DART is a one-stop solution for organizations to seamlessly and cost effectively manage documents across an enterprise, creating a positive impact on both the top-line and the bottom-line.

This suite can be leveraged to manage a wide range of documents, including accounting documents, account opening forms, vendor invoices, legal contracts, health claims, benefits statements, financial documents, research documents and even general correspondence. The solution can be provided as a license or as Software as a Service (SaaS ), which includes hosted delivery, data storage and secure access controls.


  • Up to 80% efficiency improvement to any organization that uses paper to capture or store information.
  • Consolidated information / documents generated by third-party applications and multiple databases
  • Easy document retrieval based on indexing as well as keyword search
  • Daily, weekly or monthly archival of business documents with a fresh index each time
  • Centralized user administration and management, for flexible and managed distribution
  • Fool-proof output delivery
  • Wide range of retrieval and distribution options, including selecting and emailing isolated information pieces from within documents

iQ - Smart Capture & Interpretation

iQ is an intelligent document processing platform that leverages artificial intelligence, image topography analytics and programmatic business logic to intuitively identify and efficiently digitize any form or type of document in fraction of time with little or no manual intervention.

iQ has been customized for a range of industries – banking, healthcare, logistics & transportation, insurance, capital markets and media. Our clients across these industries have gained tremendous value in terms of efficiency and cost by leveraging a single, integrated and user-friendly platform which is highly adaptive to their business needs.


  • Enhance accuracy to over 99.9%
  • Improvement in turn-around-time by up to 50%
  • 70% reduction in manual effort
  • 60% reduction in operating costs
  • Easy scalability to meet growing business needs
  • Seamless integration with ERPs, data bases and work flow

eContent Migrator

eContent Migrator is an automated, high-performance content migration solution that facilitates swift and seamless migration of documents across ECM platforms. It is an advanced solution that simplifies and assists customer migration to P8 – the latest version of IBM FileNet.

eContent Migrator enables faster extraction of document classes, properties, folder structure, security and documents from existing repositories like FileNet Content Services and Image Services and loads them on to the P8 repository. Apart from improved extractions, the solution also undertakes complex mapping, whereby it ensures the security and preservation of the original data during content migration.


  • High volume processing capability (2GB/hr)
  • Multilingual support
  • Hassle free & comprehensive mapping interface
  • Incremental migrations
  • Easy administration
  • Zero downtime
  • Highly configurable, hence reduces the time and effort for migration