Finance & Accounting


Datamatics offers specialized, best-in-class Finance and Accounting services backed by a team of industry experts. Our in-house proprietary tools and proven technology platforms with standardized business process frameworks ensure long-term value to a CFO’s back office. Datamatics’ proprietary tools take load off the CFOs in implementing their value-driven policies and allow them to focus on the core activities.

Our Services

i-16A - Form 16A Processing

i-16A is a robust Form 16A (Tax Deduction Certificate) data capture and processing solution that  helps enterprises handle high volumes of Form 16A easily. With a preloaded, customized set of predefined validations and business rules, i-16A automatically captures data from Tax Deduction Certificates and generates digitized contents in specific formats as required by regulatory agencies and the Income Tax department. Industry leaders are leveraging i-16A to gain huge efficiencies in their tax processing and reduce processing costs by as much as 75%.


  • 80% reduction in turn-around-time of Form 16A processing
  • 75% reduction in operating costs
  • Extremely high accuracy of captured data, up to 99.995%
  • Reduction of overhead costs by 50%
  • Flexibility to adapt to changing tax laws through seamless changes to validations and business rules
  • Intelligent technology that is independent of template and format
  • Secure and easy to use solution

iPM - Intelligent Payables Manager

iPM is a highly-customizable web-based workflow system specifically configured to cater to various Accounts Payable functions. It is backed by a highly flexible workflow management system that enables auto routing of information, provides real-time information through secure profile based authentication, and enables web based invoice submission and tracking. 

With transparent invoice tracking at every stage of processing, iPM ensures faster invoice approvals and real-time reporting. iPM has been widely used by large global organizations, including a number of Fortune 100 companies.


  • Increased ROI through reduction in manpower requirement
  • Faster turn-around-times through automation
  • Easy integration with various ERP platforms
  • Configurable for 2-way and 3-way matching of invoices
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements 
  • Ability to record the audit trail for each invoice