Billing & Statement Generation


Datamatics offers a portfolio of smart solutions for billing and statement generation using proprietary tools that ensure increased accuracy and shorter turn-around-times. These solutions benefit diverse organizations including telecom service providers, utilities service providers, credit card providers, mutual funds and other financial institutions like banks and insurance companies.

Our Services

CISS - Telecom Billing

C.I.S.S. convergent billing system is an integrated application managing all aspects of retail and partner billing while retaining the benefits of a modular design. It helps operators overcome billing challenges arising out of dynamic changes in services offerings, business environment and budget constraints by significantly reducing the operational costs. 


  • Price flexibility, large number of out-of-the-box tariffs structures
  • Configurable resource management and configurable, role-based access control
  • Extended cross-product functionality
  • Multi-tier value chains
  • Support of manual or automatic reconciliation
  • Full re-rating /re-billing functionality
  • Multi-directional payment flow (invoice and credit note generation
  • Comprehensive standard reporting (customizable on request)
  • Reduced  time-to-market of new services and product offerings

HOMES - Utilities Billing

Datamatics’ comprehensive, intelligent and open HOsted MEter Solution (HOMES) addresses the challenges arising from the usage of smart meters in the energy sector. It is a modular, multi-client system solution that covers the entire process chain of smart metering; making manual meter reading obsolete. HOMES seamlessly integrate with the existing environment of administrative and billing systems of utilities and metering providers. 


  • Meter management
  • Reliable, automatic remote meter reading
  • Conversion, processing and storage of data
  • Variable Generation of substitute values
  • Aggregation and rating according to tariffs
  • Transmission of meter/consumption and aggregated data
  • Cost efficiency and risk minimization due to on-demand service

iDP - Unified Output Management

iDP – an unified output management product from Datamatics – covers the entire document generation process right from source data access, document formatting,  to output format generation for presentation and distribution. It helps service providers to integrate multiple customer relationships and present unified output in the form of statements, invoices, etc. in multiple formats such as printed reports, formatted email, online portals, PDFs and so on.


  • 30% reduction in effort for system operation and maintenance
  • Document generation and delivery costs can be cut up to 70% with electronic bill presentation
  • 50% reduction in effort for template changes
  • Provision of online generated hot billing invoices
  • Errors during document generation within active call center marketing can be cut from 20% down to 2%
  • Improved customer retention with multiple communication channels and high document quality in every format