Application Testing


Datamatics offers a wide range of independent testing, verification and validation services leveraging its own innovative testing products – Dartenium, for Test Automation and DARTS, for Automated Regression Testing. Our proprietary testing products are cost-effective, high-quality and reliable systems with short turn-around-times. 

Our Services

Dartenium - Test Automation

DARTENIUM is a robust off-the-shelf automation framework based on the open source testing tool, Selenium, for Agile testing of web-based applications. It provides complete control over the automation process while freeing you from the tedious, complex tasks involved in manual testing.

DARTENIUM enables testing across multi-OS and browser combinations. It also has a robust execution engine in the form of the 'Scheduler' that allows multiple test instances on the same machine as well as parallel execution on multiple machines. 


  • Save 45% in support costs
  • Shorten time-to-test by 40%
  • Accelerate product releases by 20%
  • Lower testing fees by 5%

DARTS - Automated Regression Testing

Datamatics Automated Regression Testing System (DARTS) is a powerful tool that helps to build robust test suites, leverage reusability and gain control of automated regression testing. Using DARTS, verification and validation teams can increase and accelerate returns on IT investments.

DARTS supports next-generation, evolutionary automation built upon commercial testing tools such as HP QuickTestPro and IBM Rational Functional Tester which can easily meet the needs of an Agile lifecycle. It uses a hybrid framework - keyword and data-driven, ensuring scalability, while a robust execution engine ensures 100% test execution capabilities.


  • Save 45% in support costs
  • Shorten time-to-test by 30%
  • Accelerate product releases by 15%
  • Lower testing fees by 5%