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Datamatics provides agile and customized application management services helping you adapt to the rapidly changing business needs.  Datamatics smart tools and services have evolved over several years while responding to market trends and inculcating global best-practices. 

Our Services

iArchitect - Application Health Check

i-Architect is an intelligent health check and diagnostic solution, featuring instant reverse engineering, comprehensive filtering, self-updating diagrams, Eclipse 3.5 compatible plug-ins and UML 2.0 support.

Using i-Architect, software architects and development teams can create blueprints of application under consideration. It also helps in fresh document creation, better understanding and navigation of code, proper communication of design and visual measurement of quality. i-Architect also enables rescue of legacy projects, identification of inefficient or resource-hungry codes through continuous monitoring. 


  • Up to 30% faster  turn-around-time for application management & maintenance
  • Up to 80% savings in application blueprinting, documentation costs and time
  • Up to 30% better code remediation
  • Independent validation of code against its defined architecture
  • Significant positive impact on application development process by enabling testing architecture and code in real time as it gets developed