Analytics Solutions


Datamatics offers Analytics solutions which convert vast data assets into actionable information, helping our customers measure, manage, plan and improve business activities. Datamatics' Business Intelligence & Data-Analytics platform - is architected to help organizations achieve strategic business goals. With a strong focus on “Business Value Delivery”, Datamatics' Data-analytics platform help you deploy a Timely, Relevant, Accurate, Consistent, Robust and Scalable - Organization wide Business Intelligence Strategy.

Datamatics’ Analytics specialists leverage their domain expertise, training, certifications and decades of consulting experience to help enterprises by analyzing their data for correctness before integrating all of it into single repository.

Our Services

nSights HPC

Organizations have often struggled to find BI tools that use in-memory analytics to provide both online and offline access enabling analysis of advanced ‘what if’ scenarios or control structures while generating reports in various formats. nSights High Performance Computing (HPC) is a web based BI tool that helps organizations perform smart and effective analysis of their data sets for better business decisions empowering each stakeholder with a more complete access to BI. nSights HPC sets new performance standards by providing in-memory analytics with standard hardware requirements while delivering 10 times faster query response at any data scale. It uses on-demand data extraction and run-time parameters to effectively utilize the benefits of in-memory analytics. 

Key Features

  • In-memory analytics
  • Flexible, on-the-fly data modeling
  • Multi-dimensional analysis
  • Analytics on historical & production data
  • Single report with User-specific multi report layout
  • Performance to handle huge volumes of data

nSights FCM

Manual financial reports take several man days for consolidation due to the various formats used in disparate sources and their respective adjustments. These reports are vital for organizations as they help engage in effective decision-making in accordance with the company's objectives and overall strategies.  nSights Financial Consolidation Management (FCM) is a complete Data Warehouse (DW) model that eliminates the potential for errors and reduces the time spent on repetitive manual processes. It caters to standard statutory reporting requirements for publishing financial statements and for balance sheet consolidation coupled with extensive analytical reports. With its multicurrency capabilities, automated calculations and adjustments, nSights FCM can also address accounting and regulatory issues.


  • Fast and effective consolidation of financial data at multiple levels
  • Error free handling of spreadsheets and associated macros, links and changes
  • On demand and instantaneous report generation independent of IT support
  • Ability to generate multiple level reports as per user requirements
  • ERP entries are replicated in relevant repositories at different locations through a centralized Data Warehouse
  • Reconciliation free inter-company eliminations saving time


Online social media has undergone a paradigm shift on how information is being produced, transferred and consumed. Through tracking various social media outlets, companies can listen to their consumer more intently and receive feedback on points of improvement and intelligence on marketing products better.

SENTIpede™ is an intelligent crawler for sentiment analysis across social media networks. A collaborative blend of man and machine, SENTIpede™ adds insights from unstructured media sources for structured research.


  • Monitoring topics or keywords on the social media
  • Visualize the data using online reports and dashboard
  • Export the reports in ppt or pdf formats
  • Export the raw data for internal consumption
  • Manual cleaning or categorization of the data collected as per client requirements
  • Create and manage sub-clients and define access to the reports

CFO Dashboard

The CFO Dashboard solution allows organizations to have better business control and to take smarter decisions through access to the right kind of metrics and proper tabulated information at the CFO’s fingertips. The CFO Dashboard provides all the useful information in dashboard like mapping of the organization Budget vs. Actual vs. Forecast for Revenue & Cost, overview of financial ratios, Compliance & Risk Posture, Showcases the Margin, Sales Distribution and other Key Cost components

it includes pre-canned dashboards such as Profit and Loss dashboard, Key Accounts dashboard, Shareholder dashboard and Risk Management dashboard that are published using Congos 10 Advanced Business Insight


  • Data at fingertips for better business control and faster decisions 
  • Quick view of identified KPIs and other critical information to enable informed decision-making
  • Reduced risks and improved profitability
  • One-glance view of the top customers /products / geographies of the business