An effective Public Transit System is intrinsic to the concepts and visions of a smart city. The key to the implementation of these concepts is proper digital transformation of the components that make up an intelligent transportation system. Both customer behaviour and operational efficiency are directly dependent on the usability of these transformed environments and systems. And ridership is a factor that influences transit use and transit performance. Modern digital platforms provide a way to integrate all aspects to improve transit ridership experience while at the same time bring about operational efficiency and safety.

Datamatics provides comprehensive engineering, mobility and analytics solutions to its clients in the mass transport industry. Our innovative and flexible engagement models give our clients the flexibility to scale up or scale down depending on their requirement. This has helped our clients with cost management, improved service quality and reduced time-to-market.

Our Services

Engineering Services

  • Service Automation System Design and Development: AFC Systems, ITS, Tolling, Parking Systems etc.
  • Payment Terminals, Self Service Terminals, Video Terminals e.g. TVMs, TOMs, AVMs, ATMs, POS Validators, Gates, Readers
  • Remote Device Management, Configuration Management, Fault Management, Transaction Management
  • Server Side Application Development: Product Management, Tariff Management, Fare Collection & Accounting, Reconciliation Systems
  • System Integration, Enterprise Application Integration, Service Bus, Application Collaboration

Mobility Solutions

Includes passenger and operational user convenience apps that feature:

  •  List of routes and schedules
  • Geo-location of   stops of the transport system in a map
  • Mobile ticketing
  • Mobile maintenance
  • Push notifications like messages, launch offers, promotions
  • Mobile-based feedback generation

Analytics Solution

A vast range of smart metrics to help users plan more effectively. Our big data and analytics solutions feature:

  • Travel demand modelling
  • Route planning and scheduling
  • Automated passenger counting – ridership modelling
  • PID (Passenger Information Display) with automatic vehicle location
  • Crowd management & routing
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Predictive maintenance & scheduling