Cognitive Science


A lot of unstructured data is continuously generated by different parts of the organization that is not leveraged adequately. Text constitutes almost 80% of all data that is generated today and contains valuable insights that influence business outcomes in a significant way. SynapsisTM Artificial Intelligence platform is a Datamatics’ solution that efficiently mines voluminous text and huge transaction data sets to understand, integrate, analyse and extract intelligence (patterns) for taking real-time decisions. This includes spread sheets, documents, PDFs, images, video, audio, and any other streaming or static data from news feeds, emails, social media etc.

Datamatics’ Advantage

Datamatics’ solution uses sophisticated techniques such as Evolutionary Algorithms, Natural Language Processing, Advanced Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning Algorithms. With an objective to turn complex data into insights, the solution automates the challenging task of extracting intelligence from semantics in both static and streaming data. The solution uses high performance analytics engines and supports multiple languages. The solution requires very lite hardware to run on and a highly interactive visual interface makes it easy to use.

What we Do?

  • Document Classification automation: Efficiently analyzes and accurately auto-classifies millions of documents into hundreds of unique defined categories within a remarkable time frame. Manual execution takes around 12 months with a team size of ~300 people.
  • Email Analytics (Text to action): Analyzes emails (including nested ones) to identify the context and action needed based on the content of the email; integrates with Robotics (RPA) for any further sequential actions that need to be taken.
  • Text Mining: Intelligently extracts topics, entities, sentiments, and specific information from free text and multi-structured data sources. The solutions can further auto-summarise, associate, and co-relate the named entities.