STC Event 2017

Digitalization along with new and innovative technologies are disrupting existing technologies and changing the way we do business. With this the global software automation industry is also rapidly growing at a CAGR of 23.01% by 2022, and it is imperative for businesses to keep pace with the growing demands of the market.

Software testing is an integral part of any software application development, and is usually done using static data which leads to bugs getting identified only during the production stage, when the application uses real time data from external sources. The inability to identify these defects during early stages results in delays in project schedules and added production costs.

Datamatics’ Robotic Test Automation (RTA) enables you to achieve quality production in short cycles and reduce bottlenecks along the deployment pipeline by implementing quality gates before deployment.

The solution enables this process by using real-time test data without any human intervention. This self-evolving automated tool ensures bug fixing at every stage of the build and helps business users make more informed decisions through a user-friendly web UI. With Datamatics’ tool agnostic test framework, users can assess all impending risks associated with their over-arching business goals.

Datamatics has successfully demonstrated its expertise in the test automation space and holds a distinction of being one of the few companies to use real-time test data for quality assessment. Our solutions help reduce testing time by 40% to 60%, resulting in 30% cost savings.

To know more, meet our RTA experts at the 17th Annual International Software Testing Conference 2017 at The Park Plaza, Bangalore and get insights on how you can enhance your existing testing framework through Datamatics’ solutions and services.