Robotic Process Automation

Robotics and Automation have been the buzz words across industries. But how does Robotics really help?

Significant accuracy in your processes, leading to higher productivity, improved turn-around-time and 50% reduction in your operational costs.

Hear our expert Mr. Rajesh Agarwal, VP & Head, Robotics & Automation, Datamatics Global Services give an overview on how RPA can positively impact your business at the Middle East Robotic Process Automation Forum 2017 that will he held on March 21-22 at Dusit Thani, Dubai. The roundtable session will be at 11:40 am on Day 1. Datamatics is a Strategic Consulting Partner to the forum. Rajesh has been a pioneer in the concept of Intelligent RPA and has been working with Fortune 500 companies, especially leading banks and insurance companies helping them automate over 100 processes with a significant improvement in their productivity, leading to greater customer satisfaction. He leads a team of 200 people focused on delivering next-generation business solutions to address the customer's strategic and operational challenges.

As a Partner, Datamatics has a booth where it will be showcasing its award-winning proprietary product i-Bridge, which have helped deliver significant savings to enterprises resulting in better speed, accuracy and efficiency. Datamatics will also take you through the Intelligent Pattern Detection solutions based on Unstructured Text Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Genomic Algorithms, which together with RPA can eliminate human errors and make the processes efficient without any changes to the underlying systems. We look forward to meeting you at Booth #3. We will be happy to take you through some case studies on how our proprietary RPA solutions have seamlessly been integrated in existing systems for process automation.