Robotic Test Automation

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With new technology and methodologies evolving each day there is a need to continuously introduce new testing techniques to sustain and deliver high quality systems. The emerging trends are compelling enterprises to build robust, efficient and reliable Information Technology (IT) systems as numerous internal and external applications need to communicate with each other on real-time basis.
Datamatics has developed its software testing solutions by incorporating some of the most advanced and efficient techniques which are broadly categorized into Advanced Testing, Specialized Testing, Core Testing and Innovative Testing Services. We help enterprises transform their business applications infrastructure for enhanced quality, faster time-to-market, and higher returns on IT investments.

Our Services

Advanced Testing

Agile Testing
Organizations are keen to adopt a testing methodology that is in tune with their Agile software development model. Agile testing introduces metrics that support continuous test automation and continuous integration by sourcing real-time data. Datamatics helps clients meet these Quality Assurance (QA) requirements through end-to-end testing services. These include Agile Testing Professionals, Agile Testing Delivery, Behavior Driven Development testing, Exploratory testing, Non-Functional testing (Performance testing, Load testing) Test Automation, etc.

DevOps QA
DevOps testing takes into account the necessary collaboration between software developers and operations specialists and provides a QA framework accordingly. This testing solution improves the time-to-market, and significantly enhances the quality assurance standards. Datamatics’ DevOps offerings ensure rapid product development and deployment, by providing continuous delivery. Services include QA transformation (Integrated DevOps QA platform, Behaviour-driven development, and test-driven development), Dev QA solution, Dysfunctional QA, Unit testing, API testing, Service-virtualization testing, Test data virtualization, Continuous test automation, Continuous integration automation, etc.

Cloud Testing
Datamatics leverages cloud infrastructure for software testing as a means to ensure high quality service delivery, especially when handling large scale test cases with varied geographical distribution. Our solutions ensure cost-effective service delivery within a stipulated timeframe. We offer a comprehensive range of services including cloud migration testing, enterprise systems testing with multiple cloud products, functional testing of applications, and Performance testing of applications over cloud.

Big Data Testing
Clients can ensure data completeness, data accuracy and quality with Datamatics’ Big Data testing solutions, which help organizations profile, parse, cleanse, and match exponential volumes of data in record time. Datamatics’ Big Data and Data Analytics testing solutions offer data integration testing, data repository testing, and analytic layer testing.

Specialized Testing

Test Advisory Services
Datamatics provides advisory services that will help identify the gaps in existing testing techniques compared to the market standards. We also suggest our clients with the best testing techniques that they need to build in order to achieve quality goals of the software. We set up a roadmap to achieve the desired testing setup and help them to reach their goals by using our expert solutions. 

Performance Engineering
Datamatics’ Performance Engineering expertise help clients achieve the user load that the business expects. Performance test starts much earlier in the lifecycle by identifying performance bottlenecks at code and service level. Load test is built in as a process for each major release. This eliminates the cost of rework and achieving better performing product.  

Testing COE (Center of Excellence) Building
Datamatics provides a centralized quality assurance framework that helps tie tools, methodologies, techniques, and processes to deliver a flawless end-product to the customer. We help customer with identifying the right techniques, resources, tools and methodology to achieve quality goals. Our experts work alongside the team by working on identified projects.

Core Testing

Functional Testing
Test the features and functionality of your software systems using our elaborate functional testing techniques, which include Black box, White box, Smoke, User Acceptance, Regression, Localization and Globalization testing.

Test Automation
Datamatics provides robust test automation solutions by leveraging both open source and proprietary framework. Our tool agnostic framework is mainly used for Agile testing of web based and desktop applications. Datamatics has expertise on a variety of other test automation tools such as UFT, Selenium Webdriver, Rational functional testing, etc.

Performance Testing
Our performance testing techniques envelop the entire gamut of testing methodologies including Load, Stress, Soak, Spike, and Endurance testing to uncover system or workload defects. Datamatics has proven experience in project execution using a range of testing tools such as JMeter, Loadrunner, Rational performance tester, etc.

Usability Testing
Usability testing leverages the end-user’s perspective to determine functioning of a system. Few of the metrics used to achieve this are problem discovery, benchmarking, and eye-tracking. With our expertise on Responsive testing, SEO Audits, Response time testing and UI/UX testing you get all the aspects of usability issues covered for your site.  

Cross Browser Testing
Clients can check the compatibility of their applications across multiple web browsers using our advanced cross browser testing methodologies. Some of the browsers on which testing is conducted are Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, Opera, and mobile based browsers.

Compatibility Testing
This helps in ensuring that your application runs smoothly on various hardware, OS, mobile, and network environments. By using combinations on open source tools we make sure it is done quickly and cost effective.

Datamatics Innovative Services

RTA (Robotic Test Automation)
Datamatics’ proprietary RTA (Robotic Test Automation) framework is an intelligent system based on the open source testing tool Selenium that helps automate applications, thereby reducing errors and improving efficiency. It uses real time data to test the systems in more realistic scenarios. Our enhanced dashboards and reporting mechanism make sure that you take right decision regarding the software release.   

i-ATF (Test Automation Framework for Web and Desktop Applications)
Datamatics’ robust test automation framework is most suited for test cases that are to be conducted repeatedly, are complex and time-consuming, and critical to business. Our solutions increase speed of test execution and significantly improve test coverage.

  • We get much more attention from Datamatics Team as a third party service provider. Our other vendors are not as supportive and focused.

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    Gate Gourmet
  • We are very pleased with the quality of service the Datamatics team continually provides. Datamatics has consistently made extra efforts to assist us with the sometimes difficult requirements and helping us to complete our projects on time.

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    Jet Airways
    Amol Baadkar, Manager Communications - Jet Airways (India) Ltd.
  • We value Datamatics’ creative thinking, responsiveness and deep understanding of technology. This has helped our Application development initiatives with data visualization for customer insights.Datamatics collaborates with us in several areas including ideation and provides recommendations on application development, ways to streamline our business, creation of new tools for our research applications, as well as on programming and data production services in support of our day-to-day business. Datamatics has been a reliable, go-to partner delivering with quality for several years. We look forward to growing our relationship in the future.

    Carol Fitzgerald, President & Co-Founder - BuzzBack
  • Datamatics has provided us the best Business Analytics product – nSights. It has empowered us to stay on top of our business intelligence requirements. The seamless implementation and upgradations done by the teams from time-to-time, while least affecting our business-as-usual have held us in awe of the support and development teams.

    We have been working with the Datamatics team for many years and want to sincerely appreciate the team for their quick response to the issue resolution and efficient services.

    Looking forward to continuing to work with the Datamatics team in the years ahead.


Agile Testing of Website Portal and Applications for a Telecom Giant.

A Japanese telecom giant wanted to thoroughly verify and check the updates & upgrades on their portal and web applications ensuring quicker response to business needs and better quality to consumers. Datamatics’ team formulated an end-to-end test strategy, planning, execution and reporting whilst providing the client with a wide range of coverage for testing activities using both manual and automation testing techniques for their Website and applications. Datamatics was successfully able to complete test coverage with nearly 45% reduction in cost and 30% improvement in turnaround time with the use of our automation framework.

Performance testing of online ticket reservation system for a leading Airline client

A leading airline company wanted to scale up their online reservation system from 100 to 250 users for higher customer satisfaction and increased efficiency. Datamatics carried out performance and load testing on their application infrastructure transforming it using a hybrid offshore-onshore model. The client’s application infrastructure was able to scale up to 300+ users with 30% cost reduction.

Test Automation for Giant Australian Healthcare insurance provider

A Healthcare Insurance giant needed test automation for their back office applications comprising various modules including member enrolment, claim processing and compliance reporting. Datamatics deployed DARTENIUM, its state-of-the-art automation framework for intensive multiple browser regression testing. The client was able to react quickly to changing business needs along with 40% reduction in maintenance& support costs and 60% improvement in test coverage on all browsers.

Agile Testing of Website Portal and Applications for a Telecom Giant.
Performance testing of online ticket reservation system for a leading Airline client
Test Automation for Giant Australian Healthcare insurance provider